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Fairington Elementary School, founded in 1975, is one of 83 elementary schools in the DeKalb County School System. The school is located in the Lithonia community in southeast DeKalb. The students are served by a dedicated staff of administrators, counselors, teachers, specialists, and other support personnel.
The Fairington Elementary School community believes that all students are entitled to a quality education. Our mission statement and beliefs outline the foundation for how we create programs, establish polices, define successful gains in student achievement and learning, and describe our expectations for community involvement.
We believe that...
  • All students must be given the opportunity to learn.
  • Individual differences are recognized in the learning process.
  • High expectations motivate high performance.
  • Active parental involvement enhances student learning.
  • Learning is a shared responsibility involving students, teachers, family and the community.
  • Engaged learning is essential in a global society.

    The mission of Fairington Elementary in partnership with staff, parents and community is to provide educational experiences that will enable students to become college and career ready citizens able to compete in a global society.

    Fairington placed Third in the 2004 Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Competition.

    The Teacher-Student Mentoring Program, sponsored by the Counseling Department, matches students with staff members to encourage positive behavior and academic achievement. The students are identified by teachers and parents who believe they could benefit from additional support.

    The 25 Book Campaign facilitates the students' exposure to reading and vocabulary development by encouraging them to read 25 books during the course of the school year.

    Fairington is able to work with Kroger Supermarket as a Partner in Education. We are fortunate to have two "friends of Fairington" - Publix Supermarket and Wal-Mart Superstore - who have agreed to offer their time and talents where they are needed.

School Creed

I am a Fairington Student and I am somebody.

Today, I will learn all that I can.

I will also follow my teacher’s plan.

My best I will do and remember to show

self - control and follow all classroom and school rules.

I will keep a positive attitude and ask for help when needed.

I am a Fairington Student and I will do my


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